AusCover Geo-Wiki

TERN’s Earth observation data facility, AusCover, is providing an online and mobile means to test and validate maps of land-cover and biophysical variables produced by TERN AusCover and its partners.

As it is difficult to obtain accurate validation data over large areas, the Geo-Wiki website allows “citizen-scientists” and volunteers to view, with Google Earth as a backdrop, these maps in real time, and apply their local area knowledge to determine if the classification is correct or incorrect. If the mapped features are deemed incorrect, the volunteer submits information on which land-cover class or other variable would be more appropriate. The submitted validation information is recorded and used iteratively to produce new and more accurate land-cover and other biophysical parameter maps.

Register or log in and go to the Geo-Wiki application to validate this dataset. Don't forget to choose the right branch in the drop down field in the top left corner.