Forest Geo-Wiki

Forest Geo-Wiki is designed to present and validate spatial information related to forest. The applications include forest cover, monitoring of forest cover change, forest management, forest certification, etc.

Forest Certification

Forest management and certification

Globally, about 10% of the forest area had been certified by mid-2014. However information on spatial distribution of certified forest is limited.
We demonstrate our first attempt to create a global map of certified forest with spatial resolution of 1 km.
Validation and additional refinements are essential, which is why a citizen science approach based on an information crowdsourcing platform has been implemented, building on knowledge of local experts, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders to further improve the results obtained.
How to provide feedback in Geo-Wiki

Forest Certification

Forest cover and forest cover change

First global forest cover map calibrated with FAO FRA country statistics (Schepaschenko et al., 2015) presented here at the original 1km resolution.
Another task is to demonstrate and validate forest cover change by Hansen et al., 2013